Career Coaching

We work with you to develop a roadmap to find your dream job.

We work with you to develop a roadmap to find your dream job.

Have you outgrown your current job? Too many years in the same job at the same company, going nowhere. You want to pursue a new career path, but how?

It’s a little scary. The thought of leaving a secure job, sending out resumes and finding a new position is daunting.

Will someone else hire me?
Do I have marketable skills?
Is it worth tapping into skills I haven’t used for several years? Is it prudent pursuing a dream job post-COVID?

We can help you answer these questions. Together we can build a roadmap that will show you what you need to do to get ready for the next job and help you stay on track toward your goal.

We helped others reach their goals. We can help you get through this.

Who We Work With

What People Are Saying

I have known Donna as a friend and colleague for 20 years.  She is one of those rare people who simultaneously thinks and acts strategically, tactically and operationally.  She is a team player who brings energy and creativity to any management team. 

Robert,  Supply Chain Consulting Company

I had the good fortune of working with Donna at a construction management company where she was Director of Marketing.    Donna’s leadership provided valuable direction as the company grew from eleven employees to twenty-six employees in one year. Her project management skills were invaluable for coordinating multiple undertakings.  She is one of those managers who inspires confidence in others, remains calm under pressure and is always professional. 

Lisa,  Director of Human Resources for a professional accounting company

As I said to you and to many others, you played a very important role in my growth and success.
I watched how you handled adversity.  I am now passing everything (I learned from you) down to my mentees
I will always be indebted to you for bringing out the best in me.

Seth,  Entrepreneur and former CIO for a major water district

Donna is a brilliant, intuitive, and creative career coach. I have been working with her to navigate a major career pivot. What seemed daunting and ambiguous at first is now actionable and exciting thanks to Donna's mentoring and support. Our meetings and discussions are always something I look forward to and I come away from them inspired and clear. 

Devon,   Agile Facilitator for Transformational Change